“Arizona Doppler Specialists has been working with the Arizona Cardiology Group since 2006, providing diagnostic studies in our office to aid in the identification and management of patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease. AZ Doppler has consistently provided high quality imaging in a flexible, timely manner. Using their own portable equipment, they perform studies in three of our offices, allowing us significant convenience in patient scheduling. Over the last three years, AZ Doppler has worked closely with us, adapting to our increasing volume, allowing us to continually grow our practice.

Patients and staff consistently appreciate AZ Doppler’s highly professional manner, and their ability to integrate into our busy office environment. Studies are provided almost immediately in high quality digital format, with easy-to-read technologist worksheets, allowing physicians to perform prompt, accurate study interpretations. 

Eric, Nicole and David are a pleasure to work with, and have been a tremendous asset to our practice!”

Mitchell J. Ross, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I.
   Arizona Cardiology Group

“…I wish to express our appreciation for all the hard work to you and your staff. I feel that the education, talents and goals are congruent with our development and forward-looking plans of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Department of Ultrasound. It is always gratifying to receive the service that has the commitment to achieving the highest quality standards. We look forward in your continuing efforts to provide the superior quality and performance that has become synonymous with your company in the market place. I can only re-emphasize the continuous comments of excellence from our medical staff on your imaging quality, expertise and communications while supporting our organization. It would be a pleasure to recommend your organization as a company with highest character and integrity to accompany its imaging excellence.”

Clem Pearson
   St. Joseph’s Hospital – Radiology Senior Manager

“The staff of Arizona Doppler Specialists have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and expertise are complimented by a unique willingness to learn and adapt to an ever changing field. They routinely show their ability to handle complex cases in the most challenging of circumstances. From high quality duplex images to detailed technical impressions, their work is of the highest quality. Each member of Arizona Doppler Specialists’ team conducts themselves in a professional, yet ‘down to earth’ manner. I would glady recommend Arizona Doppler Specialists for those who expect nothing less than quality, integrity and professionalism.”

James Frey, M.D.

“It has been my pleasure to work with the staff of AZ Doppler. Their medical standards and professionalism are exemplary. They are highly trained in their subspecialty of vascular ultrasound. The quality of their work is uniformly excellent. AZ Doppler has demonstrated their ability to perform diagnostic quality scans under the most difficult circumstances.”

Edwin Goldstein, M.D., F.A.C.R.
Good Samaritan Hospital – Department of Radiology